Sunday, February 9, 2014

The invention of invention
a making machine; a process engine; an instrument; microprossessings made concrete
You can use it but its useless
a kite that cant fly
A string that draws a line to make a thing 

It was Clunky and made by hands, made by the hands of people
It holds the residues of all of it, having lived. It isn’t a virgin.
I am making something that keeps continuing
I am making a continuum
I am making sounds
 “everything that rises must converge” but do you notice when it does?
do my chores, complete my tasks
keep busy so days will pass
walk the warp
back and forth
teach myself  failing lessons:
how to braid or how to be affectionate
how to be patient
how to prevent a tangle from becoming a knot
notice  the differences in the ways we wind
different hands, wrists, moments of awareness, moments of mindlessness
the awareness of being mindless is a curious experience.
this work ethic
this woman’s work
this woman’s world is not a haunted house

and its not too fancy.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Notes from Notebook

Systems and information:
Minimal bit of information
No decisions
Making up a symbolic system. Are numbers constructed?
Overlay of  systems

Serial, Repetition, relationships
Spectacle: Way too much, more than you can imagine. Makes you in awe. Bigger than one person. A community effort. A factory.
Mindless Activity, culminates in producing something.

Making people feel something, not obvious. Against their expectations
Radical juxtaposition. Things colliding. Odd objects.
Not just about itself. challenges a viewers belief system. Viewers compute the meaning. An aesthetic encounter with an object.

Loom and computer, analog:
 What does that mean? Historical, looms, the industrial age, Ada Lovelace, Charles Babbage, Technology
While based on the looms, This is not an illustration. Its physicality, visceral.
Machines, instruments, inventions, operation, an organism. Machine is an extention of the body. Performers are both machines and body
Objects being manipulated by people

Time factor:
a weird continuum
Object is in a state of flux

Work is in relation to its specific site and site’s technological and tension based networks. I am animating the space. In the XMPL, I am making myself blank. Skin is a membrane. Feel the site. Its hollowness, its emptiness, a black void.
The sculptures chop up the space, accentuate the architecture of the space. Divide the space.

theater vs. the real:
 Abstraction vs. realism. What is this thing a backdrop for? A set is fake, its meaning is dependent on whats around it; sutured to the play. My narrative: process of making, weaving, winding, linear

Sculpture makes sound:
 Soundscape: this thing made that sound!
            Sound idea: sound in reverse? Sound of video in reverse? Whispers of a text relevant to the work. Ada? Time is going forward and backward.
Space of sacredness?

 – non spectacle. Non theatrical. Shadows. Not a haunted house. Not too fancy.
Ghostlike, all-white.
I feel in between wanting to make this a sacred space and a space that doesn’t take itself as seriously (as say, an Ann Hamilton installation).
Early cinema: flickering? Greys and whites, yellow light? Domestic vs industrial.

Textiles and Process:
Spools, evidence of work, residue of other piece
Traditional textile (thread, string) and process acting as a social metaphor: cloth needs each string. The fundamental act of making. String that draws a line that makes something.
Materiality (vs. transparency)
A Home-made project
Use vs uselessness: a kite that isn’t flying.

Transparency, modern architecture, shadow, materiality

Possible titles:

Back and forth
Shuttle Systems
Work Ethic
Matrices to come
A system of strings
Everything must converge
Process Engine
String that draws a line to make a thing 
Looming ahead of me
Looming above

Saturday, November 16, 2013

currently inspired by

Marisa Merz

Alberto Burri

Sheila Hicks

Jannis Kounellis
Maurice de Vlaminck

Hermine Van Dijck
Ruth Asawa
Michelangelo Pistoletto
Peter Belyi
Brent Wadden
Franco Kappl
Constantin Brancusi

Rachel Whiteread
Vintage Moroccan Rug