Monday, January 17, 2011

finally uploaded the videos i made senior year onto the internet. still pretty relevant to me in terms of time, craft, practice of making things. this unraveling (like that apocalyptic odyssey of revealing/uncovering i mentioned yesterday, and then another odyssey reference of penelope's unraveling ritual, refers to repetition and just the idea of practice, where finishing isn't the goal. and drawing with thread, still my jam.

i have another idea for a video i want to make although i can't imagine it happening this month. i found a knitted blue middle-aged woman arty shawl that i want to unravel and shoot stop motion style, and then project the video directly onto the piece itself. perhaps it all is stretched on a canvas? again with wanting to make 2 D work. i guess its just hard for me to get back into making videos again, because that was the part of my thesis that was the most grueling and unfamiliar, all that rendering...

but i am working on something with kira for a proposal for a show in athens, georgia. after showing her my blog, she told me that there is a group of wessies that created this collective called inHere, that focuses on inserting intimacy and commenting on the lack of it in our postmodern world. the video that kira and i are making together will use my stop motion knitted and crocheted animations, along with some nice writing that kira did about time.

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