Friday, January 28, 2011

thinking about how to highlight the material traces of making (the seams) on the mutant clothes. As you can see in the hanging dress piece and the mutant shirt on the wall (above), I used ink before the garments were epoxied and it ended up bleeding all over the clothes and not really looking how I wanted it. But i do really want to engage with ink or paint in some way to highlight the seems; I remember Schiff showing me old Japanese tea bowls with cracks mended with gold, I want the cracks, the seams of the garments to be showcased. i feel like that was what i was really going for in my map pieces from school, and then achieved it in a less direct and more formal way in my thesis. i think i am bent on using ink or paint to showcase the seams because of its direct link to drawing -- i want to make a drawing out of the labor enacted on the cloth.
I’ve been bargain barning like crazy and selling things at boutiques and its become a really fun way to make money while I don’t have a job. I love the concept of digging in a pile of crap and finding something that will become special if I deem it so. Its sort of like clothing gentrification. I’m getting a ton of etsy play too, which makes me wanna keep making wearable fashion objects to sell. I just don’t want it to distract me from sculpture, but somehow feed in. on a walk with my dad this morning, we talked a lot about the power of video and how to use a space in the most dramatic and important way that I can. It got me more excited about sculpture and I really want to project unraveling knitting onto bargain barn sweaters in a clothesline. It would be awesome if the show was really dimly lit and there were just little spotlights on certain pieces and then a projection.
tonight i'm going to this show at ben's project space-- 63 bluxome st. san francisco. the totem and the ocean.
To do:
- make a new fibrous stop animation (green mohair???)
- play piano and sing more, write a new instrumental song
- ink/acrylic seams on mutant clothes
{photos: my own mutant clothes, japanese tea bowl mended with gold from this site}

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