Monday, January 10, 2011

so i've decided to start a blog. it seems fitting to record my studio process chronologically, day-by-day, mirroring the stitch-by-stitch or frame-by-frame nature of my work.

i plan to paste things that inspire me from things i read and see, and update whoever may read this blog on my process in the studio. i also hope this blog can be an interactive conversation-- perhaps the people who follow it can leave me feedback in the comments.

i'll start with my artists' statement that i have been working on for sometime (it never seems right and i welcome edits and criticisms. i always worry about my tendency to lean on 'art speak' and academic language as a blockade for the fluidity that needs to happen. i want people to be able to peek over my shoulder to see what i'm thinking about and in return i'd love to peek over theirs.

I construct my sculpture within a world that builds and recedes around fragile systems, in the space between the human body and the anonymous material world. The overlapping and evolving discourses which clothing inhabits form tangled and interconnecting webs that continually reorganize, expand and ebb around culture, society, industry and commerce. I see my material world teeming with labor, history and potential. As an artist, I am interested in exploring how objects grow disconnected from their process of construction. By mapping knitted and sewn systems or the age-old directions which govern clothing making, I re-interpret through stitches, snips, marks, sculptural installations and video projection, the places where followed and miss-followed directions collide, where the vestiges of labor become drawings and where obsessive rituals encounter industry. I call this process “unmaking.” My intent is to find new meaning and include others in labor’s rituals, both personally invented and globally used. Through unmaking, I metaphorically break down the cloth barrier between the intimate and the external, while simultaneously addressing the importance of making itself. "

more blogging from the unmaker to come!

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