Thursday, February 24, 2011

After scrapping a lot of ideas, several emotional car rides, some birthday surprises, and a handful of hissy fits, I'm finally solid with my install for friday. Here is the description:
A web of orange strings encases a room that holds me, a piano, and a moving video backdrop. String is a metaphor, it is tied, it restrains, it makes it hard for me to get to the piano which is venue for feelings. The piano it is a heavy, solid, hard to move object that roots me to the ground. The string I am using is fluorescent orange Mason line that is used for marking off construction sites, not meant for textiles or clothing use. The tension in the tying web that binds the architecture and the piano and me together, mirrors the process of tension and stretching in the video. The video almost is a continuation back into space of what is going on in the room, like a landscape backdrop, teeming with change. The florescent string, the color of objects of civic repair/intervention with nature, intervenes on the landscape hill-like expanse of cloth. The piano piece I will play-- . Frédéric CHOPIN: Nocturne in C-sharp Minor (Op. Posth.) is very full of sadness, loneliness, very old, and sincere. This song is a piece I learned when I was young and still remember how to play it. When I was a child I really loved playing this piece and am still very inspired by how potent and sad it is, a minor key, yet how it ends on a happy note as if there is still hope. In this same back and forth between despair and optimism (which mirrors how I’ve felt during my residency in Portland), the knitted video is unmade and then partially re-mended on a loop, where there is a progression of destruction and decay that is followed by a hopeful rebuilding.
Even though I've posted it before, here is the video:

Here are some photos of my install:

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