Sunday, February 6, 2011

artist identity)

-Repetitive action/ (meditation, practice, rewinding, unwinding, ), -system-generated work- systems/ directions/ mapping/ (rules, information)
-printed dopplegangers (camo, sari, jackets? Tent?):
-seam drawing installation ‘seam combines’? combine together some?
*these are ideas i had while on the road:
-mingling ‘art show’ crowd of people
-mutants/drawings are 50/50
-juxtaposition of solid & heavy/light, negative/positive space, familiar/strange
-labor and subsequent ‘unlabor’
-2 (or 3) different multilayered processes: show divided up into seams*, mutants*, and dopplegangers*

), seam drawings, seamed drawings,
-depiction of labor. -Found clothing—the blurry line between my wardrobe and my materials, familiar
-Drawing/Mapping of clothing/bodies, Activation of drawing in human scale, limited disclosure of information, -suspended, hanging by system of strings

(etymology = to change), familiar remnants, mutant clothes, plastered mutants, mutant relics

cut away from seam drawing and reattached; covered in plaster, stiffened relics (process multilayered)
-relics (imbedded histories/stories)
-Inside out things, tulle, you can see the seams, extroverted, grotesque
-Surfaces, seamy (unpleasant) side out, extroverted, familiar (material traces of making)


(etymology= ghostly)
-hangers to bookend pieces

-hollowness, hands-on materiality, multilayered processes

{photos are my own, last is a sketch i did in eureka of a seam drawing outfit suspended from a web of string and a plaster mutant outfit. i want to make finished examples of these asap to show travis and zach. i'm really excited, we are putting together a 'crit schedule'!}

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