Thursday, March 3, 2011

I spent today revamping my website. i added the pictures from my portland show, now titled
tuck your shirt, leave it loose. i also cleaned up other sections so that there are only the most descriptive pictures. i think i'm getting better at self-editing my work and not needing a second opinion. i feel this sense if something is amazing and i can also feel it when its not. ive been thinking a lot about this inner sense relating to the way i choose my outfit in the morning or how i decorate my room. there is certainty and reason behind each charm on a necklace or placement of furniture, its just more of an intuitive thing. i think sometimes art can just be a feeling.

still checking out pippiloti rist a bunch on the internet. her use of projection is really purposeful; her means of harnessing the ability to create a contemplated atmosphere with projection is so clean and poetic, yet sort of loud.

{photos: my own tuck your shirt, leave it loose, 2011; pippiloti rist, Herbstzeitlose (Saffron Flower or Fall Time Less), 2004}

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