Monday, May 30, 2011

lots of new ideas and the organization of old ones.

today working on editing the video I made in Portland—adding music. I’m handing it into ATA which is that video collective that I went to a show at when I first got to the city. When I saw that show I was interested in becoming more involved with that video meets music meets installation world—I guess this is a good opportunity. I guess applying to juried shows feels important and good when it supplies me with an external and real deadline to work towards. The outcome of whether or not I get selected is sort of irrelevant to me. But I think I’ve chosen to revisit this Portland footage because I believe it is good and never really had the affirmative response from the folks there … perhaps ATA will see it differently?

My description of the video:
I am interested in the disconnect between an object and the process of its construction; I see my material world as teeming with labor, history and potential. This video depicts both literal and metaphorical tangled and interconnecting systems that continually reorganize, expand, and ebb; I have used knitted structures to allude to environmental landscapes, biological cell structure, and textile based handwork. Through unmaking and then remaking, I destroy a microcosm of our world, and then, hopeful, I rebuild it.

I’ve been trying to revisit my artist statement and make it more relevant to the work I’ve done since college. Seeing these little bodies of work I’ve done (thesis installation, costume work, individual objects, Portland installation) as related but separate… how can I better link them with words?

Right now the big themes are :
- disclosing/making foreign the process of making clothes & the material traces of making, processes disconnect from product - mapping, systems and information
- destruction, rebuilding, and traces, decay with time
-the material environment abounds with an anarchic energy of making -- objects, materials and environments have their own volition
-value & trash-to-treasure, preciousness, clothes are portals into the past/stories. the bargain barn & the idea that manufactured objects possess a life cycle of their own
- process is a combination of whim and system
-closet rituals and the curation of one's personal things.

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