Sunday, July 10, 2011

continuing to build...

revised artist statement -- advice / comments desired!

As our environment decays around us and leaves its stains, traces, and trash, other parts of our world are rebuilt, and forgotten garments and processes are rediscovered. I am interested in the disconnect between an object and the process of its construction: I navigate between disclosing and abstracting the material traces of making. Through stitches, snips, marks, installation and projection, I find meaning in including others in practices that are globally used and rituals that I invent and repeat. I interpret a conceptual place where what we wear can become an architectural structure, where environments crawl with the anarchic energy that made them, where closets are places of ritual, and where the traces of human labor become drawings. Imbuing new life into remnants of a disposable society, I re-use, edit, destroy, combine, and re-build found materials in a process that is a combination of system and whim. Through unmaking, I address the importance of making itself.

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