Tuesday, July 19, 2011

ideas i had while reading eva hesse, october files (nixon, editor):

- art = desire for chaos, opens up unknown

- artist tries to give order to the unknown but first must find the chaos, make people aware of it and feel alive
- makes reference to something viewer is not aware
- exaggeration in repetition

- layers in material (ie. layering fiber glass or rubber) corresponding to dressing layers or more conceptual idea of layers. lately i've been interested in sheer layered over something else so you can see whats inside.
- idea for panti hose piece: panti hose stuffed with different materials knotted in a mathematical knot, or knitted (?) dipped in epoxy, then plaster.

- materials to try: wire mesh, wire (sewing with wire?), rubber, wax, cheesecloth dipped in rubber (painted with rubber cement?), glue followed by plaster . wire to make flat things 3d, like in corset boning (womens' sex suit, handmade, feminism?)

{eva hesse, contingent (1969)}

-matter, material -- dense coagulations, snarls, unmediated self (feelings)
-architecture -- scaffolding, lattices, grids
-fiber glass skeins!
-repetition as absurditiy -- recast from arithmetic

{jasper johns, memory of my feelings (1961)}
-Deleuze / Guattari, Anti-Oedipus:
'All this happens and is all recorded on the surface of the body without organs: even the copulations of the agents, even the divisions of God, even the genealogies making it off into squares like a grid, and their permutations. The surface of this uncreated body swarms with them, as a lion's mane swarms with fleas.'
- machines make products in the world of mechanical production
- no distinction between production and product with the body 'part objects'
1. repetition
2. process
3. desire or labor that drives producing / product.
{eva hesse, right after (1969)}

{eva hesse, expanded expansion (1969)}

{jasper johns, no (1961)}

While reading i was also listening to NPR thing about someone talking about twitter and this new eyeball-covering virtual contact lens thing that techies are developing.

- twitter / facebook = microcosm of culture
- eye = door to the body
{(unrelated): sandy denny's no end is a really good song.}

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