Tuesday, July 5, 2011

so i now have a studio. its all set up and there are now no excuses for lack of productivity.
i ahve to make up some good homework assignments for myself these days. to ensure productivity heading in the right direction this summer. i'm feeling a little disorganized -- but i really want to go through all my images and pick out the successful pieces, go through my writing, organize my materials, so that i can figure out how to begin. i started working on that quilt piece, and also compiled all the garments i have made with clothing patterns, but i'm still feeling paralyzed in terms of actually making things happen. maybe going through old images would help?
i really want to get an sf library card.
yesterday for 4th of july i went to bolinas and on the drive there maddie and i passed by a field of wrapped hay bails that we photographed extensively-- as it looked so much like an installation. it reminded me of christo's wrapped trees whicha re so evocative-- also reminded me how much plastic can take the place of fabric. i think about clothing as a barrier between intimate human and elemental world-- using plastic as a substitution here adds a notion of suffocating nature that is pretty important. also when things are wrapped you can't see whats inside, you have to imagine. reminds me too, that hiding and revealing have to do etymologically with the word apocalypse, from calypso, the one who hides oddysius in the oddysey. When clothing is incased in a plastic drycleaner bag, you know it is clean, preserved, hanging there pressed and special. When clothing is in a plastic shopping bag, depending on the brand insignia on the bag, the clothing seems to have more value, or at least be new.

also coming across a lot of good material on urban planning and design at work-- good aerial photos, maps, articles on textile design and tensile structures.... excited to start more pieces that involve maps...

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