Monday, August 15, 2011

there's a show im trying to get work into , the theme is 'proof'...i was thinking about mathematical proofs: the act of demonstrating that something 'works', showing your steps... i started another easy stitch this time using 2 base fit patterns for 60s dresses. i guess they are the kind that depending on the build of your body, certain seams tell you they can be let out or taken in. there are funny diagrams that come with the patterns, and they are a lot less nice about body descriptions then we are now. taking this theme as an assignment, i cut chunks out of the patterns with the envelopes unopened. i then am following the patterns, backed with sheer fabric, and combining the dresses into one (as each one only provides half a dress.) the result is deformed and weird, and i am still trying to figure out how i want to display the directions. the rules for the submission state the piece has to be 'ready to install' when you submit it (you submit the actual piece, not a photograph), so i have to think about making something that isn't too complicated to install... and perhaps in this way the directions for making are as much part of the piece as their result; especially as i proove my steps. try to make it clear what i did, maybe i mark things really dark in charcoal...

prompted by a conversation with maddie about her work, i've been thinking about what it means to use 'found materials' and how much an artist should or shouldn't manipulate materials... when something makes the transition from trash to spectacle. with clothing patterns (or maps), the material itself is already potent without any manipulation. then by giving these materials a new form, i can take the existing meanings and layer them with others.

gonna look up and see if there are any good art shows going on in LA right now because i am going there tomorrow. i feel like i haven't been subject to inspiring visual work in a while!

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