Sunday, September 25, 2011

Statement of purpose toilings / ideas for the section about what are my great problems: memories and ideas made of materials colliding. These becoming more complicated and expanding, trying to join, but being separate. incessant/insatiable need for personal growth.
unknown of the beginning and the unknown of the end. work can find its own way beyond my preconceptions . evolves from being systematic and logical and becomes nonlogical, like its own entity.
Video ideas:
Aerial views, projection on the ground, maps, quilts, the editing/amending of cities
Submerging into water, under water, as a means of abstraction
Reflection, kaleidoscope effects
New Orleans: Crafting a scene. approaching installation as a stage set or environment. Utilizing my experience with theatrical design and landscape architecture.
some inspirations on a misty sunday with the folsom street fair in its full leathery swing:

{my own scabby metropolis (video), eva hesse, nick cave's soundsuits, jesse dunahoo, rachel harrison's conquest of the useless, peter doig's ravine (this piece as an inspiration for my production design work for tontawald?), janine antoni, susan giles}

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