Monday, October 17, 2011

{a new video, scabby metropolis ii, one of a series to be projected on an abandoned building on melpomene and magazine street in new orleans. made from a funeral veil from promenade fabrics}

In a lecture at Wesleyan, Janine Antoni, an artist that I am influenced by, said that the only time she really felt “in her body, in relation to the world is when [she] is making.” I also feel rooted to the world and a sense of purpose when I am inventing and engaging in repetitive processes and making-rituals. Stop-motion animation provides a repetition and methodical process that mirrors the rhythmic, meticulous nature of the making of textiles. I use video projection as a tool to make installations that whir with industry. In Amending, I animate intricate landscapes of textile structures that clothe a wall of an abandoned building with video projection to reveal an imagined liveliness. I see the unmaking and remaking in these projections as detailed recordings of the traces I leave in the act of making, but also a way to make a wall crawl with the energy that made it. This outdoor installation breaks out of a gallery setting and allows passersby that may not typically seek out art to derive their own interpretations.

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