Friday, November 11, 2011

Another edit of Hopeful, I rebuild:

Unrelated but relevant: right now I'm reading Great House by Nicole Krauss. There are a few different threads of stories running through it, all tied together by a desk that exerts power of those who have had it in their possession. I love that a simple object can hold so much meaning for the characters in the book. It brings up interesting questions about objects and where they go, ideas of ownership, memory, permanence. Its really good. Krauss seems to have similar beliefs about objects as I do, namely, that they are keepers of (historical, sentimental, powerful) meaning than they appear sometimes. She writes, 'A hidden weight seemed to attach itself to simple objects, a teacup, a doorknob, a glass, hardly noticeable at first, beyond the sense that every move required a sightly greater exertion of energy, and by the time I negotiated among these things and arrive at my desk, some reserve in me was already worn down or washed away.' (33)

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