Tuesday, November 1, 2011

ideas / inspirations for floor covering installations

The environment is the most important element of the Tontlawald project. I need to come up with something that transforms what is a black-box environment into something opposite. I want to do it in a really concise way, like, one interesting element that is the floor, and one interesting (moving?) element that is 'wall' like or looms up around the floor space. The directors are into it being more along the lines of art installation for a museum / gallery setting than a 'set' for a play, which is perfect for what I'm interested in making. In the image posts from the past few days I have posted my inspirations for the project so far, and I think aside from that little Poiret fantasy, I am mostly focusing on the environment I am creating and the rest will come later. We started brainstorming ideas for the floor element as a way to further transform the black box. Shag carpeting? A carpeted hill ala pipilotti rist? Astro turf? Hairyness? Foam?
{pipilotti rist}

{vincent mauger ; vincent lamouroux}

{urs fischer ; robbie rowlands}

{myeongbeom kim ; matthieu lavanchy (this material is interesting to me, as a floor covering?)}

{ian james ; housing insulation as a material for the floor? -- its conceptual and beautiful as a material itself}

Also, this video has an amazing faux dirt floor.

{ai wei wei's sunflower seed floor}

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