Sunday, March 4, 2012

transcribed (and then embellished) notes from back of goodwill receipt (a trip in which i spent $10.02 and got a dress, a mohair sweater, a pair of floral silk suit pants, and an orange silk skirt)

a film score: ambient dronie guitar (spooky but not too spooky, wintery, sad). over that, very sparse and well chosen piano.

using the best samples from making the set: i made these material investigations when i began the design, and saved a few of them. one is an undulating grid made out of outdoor furniture chair seat, the other is obsessively tied and woven plastic bags.
plastic bag - a stop motion video of its dismantling? scoring the video with piano, found sounds
bubble, like anna helper's inflatable drawings:

making the samples into seams/forms/garments. ok so how can the objects be meaningful?
little set pieces for videos.
making old pattern sculptures into a flat, intricate wall piece, like a painting.
sew together the garlic nets, hand seamed, (i've been saving the netting from garlic, from onions, etc. and now have tons.)


i recently watched the movie the red shoes and was so inspired. the colors in this movie are incredible, in technicolor (made in 1948)--its about a ballerina and the underbelly of a production. the sets are cheesy painted backdrops and the whole movie has this undeniable artifice, it is hard to tell where performance ends and life begins:

my dear beloved zoe latta and mike eckhaus made a collection for new york fashion week. they recently got reviewed by vice magazine.
'wanting to start a conversation with the american fashion industry.' making fun of fashion. 'the anxious urgency to do things differently'.
their next project is an application for the show what no to wear, in which zoe is a fashion victim that needs help.
unconventional materials: fish skin, post-industrial plastic, bits of old french sofas.

comme des garçons + paco rabanne 'le 69' bag, some made of metal, some black rubber, some aluminum.
meadham kirchhoff:

thrifting - assignments.
collection - little scenes.
videos of little stuff building. scabby, inky, dirty, materials, emotions, colors.
the garlic nets - cut away each little piece one by one. or what would be inside? a glove, skin, my arm.

when i was in portland-- the video scabby metropolis was a recording of actions i performed in making a wall piece, and then, the video ended up being more interesting than the finished wall piece. the wall piece no longer remains but the video chronicles its demise.
a stop motion video is a record of creating/destroying a piece.
projecting the videos onto the remnants of the objects themselves?
details, intricate. accumulations, taking away, staining, painting
little models, then those to be conceptualized as large.

reality tv -- scripted reality vs. real reality

{photos: 1 my own material study, 2 anna hepler's full blown schematic, 3 - 5 stills from the red shoes (1948), 6 - 7 eckhaus latta fw2012, 8 - 10 meadham kirchhoff aw2012}

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