Wednesday, June 6, 2012

  jacques lacan uses the structure of knots to define the relationship of the real, imaginary and symbolic.
sinthome ---- symptom---------- signifyer-------linguistics --------------------topology--------------knot theory, mathematical knots
borromean knot 
         knots of language - unconscious
                    real, symbolic, imaginary
knot theory 
        mathematical knots, continuous loops
        wild knot
      knot invariants

embedding, ambient isotopy

john berger: hold everything dear
 'construction continually rebegun' .... 'state of the universe at any instant'

i follow and diverge
i was pulled from all directions at once
follow, misfollow, wrongfollow
arbitrarily small eccentricities

robert irwin, on the periphery of knowing
logic and reason
logic and intuition

all instructions can be amended
instructions are not laws
all systems are malleable
construction is continual

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