Wednesday, June 6, 2012

transcribing my notebook

each work has its own system

use what i have
assess what is interesting
system vs. whim
discarded things
where does whim come in? build up of materials: plaster, paint, charcoal, abstract forms
incorporating directions -- through holes, through highlighting
clothing making abstracted
heavily handmade -- objects that reveal process of their making
layered transparency 
state of almost-falling-apart. 
expectations of a garment are challenged.

pattern canvas: flat plain with form emerging from an uncut pattern
system with divergence -- representation with abstraction
eras of clothing {patterns} have different graphics and shapes ('70s tennis dress)
a pattern read backwards?
instructions - diverge / misfollow
wire for structure -- armature

projection on sweater -- hanging on wall
projecting red unravel onto sweater
sweater is stiffened with white paint in a semi human shape

what if each piece was accompanied by instructions, like study drawings?
directions next to everything.

scores (go to sculptures): knot drawing, instructions, multiplications, lists
patterns in tables -- circling, arrows
knot drawings

multiplication charts, the numbers circled, marking
multiplication is length times width, equals area
3d shapes of clothing patterns is area too
instructions on a clothing pattern, things circled or blacked out
how to knit

scores and responses
systems and whims
following and misfollowing
following, misfollowing and wrong following

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