Saturday, June 2, 2012

yo lots of new ideas.
and new images, although they are as of yet unedited. working on some work for a group show in oakland next thursday at the temescal art center called ground series
i have lots of thoughts that i've been recording in a note book, mostly in list/bullet form.

the work for the show is a series of sculptures and flat works that are structured in a way that the flat pieces act as 'scores' to generate the 3d works. essentially the scores are the systems and the sculptures are my responses to them. 
knot drawing

1. instructions generate commercial pattern sculpture
2. multiplication table generates a projection of build up, multiplication (building, receding of knots)
3. knot drawing generates wire sculptures of knots, armatures
4. list generates an inventory of objects 
5. an unclear idea is that html or patents generate a technological happening (as in programming, but this may be beyond me) also i only have a week until the show so i can't over extend each idea, my hope is that each idea will take just a day to produce and that will add to the constraint of its making.

so there is this balance of system/logic/math/schematics that generate more abstract forms as a personal response to following and manipulating the given systems. the given systems are read as laws to work by, but also can be changed where i feel necessary. i was thinking that instead of stressing too much over this show, i am just going to follow my feelings and desires when i'm working, also considering that come fall i will be subject to serious critique and i'm just thinking of this as an experiment.

also in researching math and counting and knots on the internet, i started getting into the idea of abacuses, abaci?.

{all images from google image searches}

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