Sunday, September 30, 2012

in my thesis and in nola, my impulse to project the anarchic energy of making in my videos onto the walls of both those built environments was because:
i wanted to make physical the energies i felt were pent up in the walls, teeming, from being made by people, or from time acting on those spaces... undamming their inertias.  I wanted to allude to the constant building up and receding of structures and materials in the sprawl of urban landscape, and the teeming, almost animate quality
that is imbued into human-made things after they are made. for me there is something powerful in repetitive action, with knitting i was working with something known to me (knitting), and superimposing it onto something unknown to me (i don't know how to build a wall, but i'd imagine, brick by brick, it is a similarly repetitive process to knitting.) I've also found through making stop motion videos, there is a correlation between the click click click of the camera to the stitches that all depend on one another to make a whole, and also bricks in a wall.

i want to move beyond knitting! i think. i just feel like i keep making the same video. a much loved pair of shoes of mine just fell apart and i had the idea to make a video of them becoming destroyed into jibbles and bits of leather and plastic etc.  and then playing with video editing, what would that look like reversed? would the shoe
just come into being, like magic?  and i could do this with other objects too. however, there was something so good about the wall orientation of the knits, and how that corresponded to the wall of the building. so when it was projected, it became almost one thing. it becomes different if I'm just making little object videos that are
more narrative, like a story about the object in the tendency is more formal than narrative but that could be out of lack of confidence with my ability to create a story. i guess i just have to start and see what happens. i also have all these aerial maps I've collected from when i was working at that architecture firm that i could use for something... 

anyway I'm kind of overwhelmed...

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