Thursday, September 6, 2012

anna made me a little book for my birthday and i am finally writing things down in it and drawing things.
(to follow) i am at a cafe dealing with a messy brain.

so soon will i leave san francisco.

this is an inaccurate transcription:
Costuming each character 

Who are the characters?
Clothes are coverings over armature
What dictates the armature?
Abstract system driven attaching to derive shape
Why wasn't that piece very satisfying?  Not a lot of small pieces, intricacies 
Creating a collection
Drawings where each object generates the next ?
Making objects
A system dictates each one
On a material level; I dont like working with toxic materials. Resourcing from waste
Eva Hesse, without the resin

Compulsory decisions 
Inspiration from conceptual fashion
Never ending bodice printed
Costumes from the skin I live in 
Scared of making feminist art
Don't want to refer to my own body, but want to acknowledge what it's like to be in my body
{images: 1 - 3 eva hesse ; 4 & 5 stills from almodovar's the skin i live in, costumes by jean paul gaultier}

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