Wednesday, October 10, 2012

what makes a place?
a nontraditional atlas

missing san francisco. and still interested in maps / aerial views / feeling small, making lines that refer to things outside of themselves.
yesterday was feeling so frustrated because i feel like i keep making things where i know the outcome before i begin, i want the destination to be an unknown. the art i enjoy making is whim based but i can't really escape wanting to use logic and rules. people here keep talking about having a primary project and a secondary project, the secondary being more incidental and documenting or collecting the stuff that is learned or discarded from the primary project. how can pieces have an unknown end? i like inventing my own systems, and letting the system take over to find out the finished form of a piece. good way to generate abstract / formal material. 
in combining the clothing patterns and the maps together, i am combining/juxtaposing two systems that i see as related, and making an opportunity for new unexpected line/form/content/conversation. 
references to domestic , to land, to skin
controlled expression
push & pull between the hand and mass production
structural thinking
narrative of construction -- layered -- idiosyncrasies

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