Thursday, January 31, 2013


{my work in process, deer pelt, wire, thread}

{my work in process, clothing patterns, wire, glue}
pelts: skin mummies + chicken wire
warping dress patterns with map projection grid distortion, with darcy thompson's grid distortion of animals
white sort of papier mache, entrails, umbilical cord, inventory, toilet paper on wire/chicken wire.
weaving video played backwards
gloves inside out = metaphor in lacan
real  = re-suturing
merleau ponty: 'the visible and the invisible', stuff about skin/flesh
holes in body, skin inside, inside-out nature of things.
experimenting with making one out of paper glued to chicken wire. the glue i am using is a mixture of elmers, water, plaster and clay... i'm trying to make them look old, like mummified skin. my crit is on feb 6 so i have a week to get something together to show.
we had a visiting artist, nicolau virguero came and gave a lecture.
he gave some interesting backstory on brazilian history, some of which i was pretty excited by.
heres some things:
sloth = half child half beast in mythology.
canabalists eating their enemy to gain power
{beheaded brazilians shown with belongings}
decapitated heads, salome
topicalia movement in 1960s, music, theater
Hélio Oiticica, 'penetrable' : art + object, 'tropicalia'
{Hélio Oiticica (in collaboration with Neville d'Almeida). Cosmococa CC1 Trashiscapes, 1973; installation view, Galerie Lelong, New York, 2006.}
{Hélio Oiticica, Parangolé, 1964}
'anything is up for grabs as a structural starting point'  -- pretty much same thing said by stephanie taylor who gave a lecture last week, she used rhyming words to get her started, virguero uses tropicalia album covers, i use flat patterns, shapes, skins, as beginning system.
de-stablizing hierarchy of materials/ideas: hi v. low, spectacle out of trash, irrevered expensive materials.
'to burrow and grow'
canabalist 'antropofogia manifesto' 
our power over animals: skin, meat, poop  'taboo into totem'

lygia clark: sensory masks
{Lygia Clark, Sensory Masks (Mascaras Sensoriais), 1967} 

{my work in process, basketball, tape, glue, wig}

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