Tuesday, January 15, 2013

some notes, related to my lacan seminar

mary kelly's post-partum document (1973-79)
lacan's 'suture', metaphors of sewing 
the subject 'suturing' itself into language
suture in film means bring into narrative.
its the suture/sewing that both attaches and creates a wound/gap.
indexes, indexical marking, like a rubbing, when the rubbing is removed from what it is a trace of, it lacks what it was once attached to.
costumes = signifiers
dance performance (energy): writing, little videos that describe this energy, sculptures, plaster on bubble wrap, hair drop, garlic sew, garlic cut
in zinny & maidagan's work, presence of specificity and abstraction, these two things are working interdependently. the research remains marginal. 
constanze ruhm's my never ending burial plot

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