Wednesday, May 29, 2013

i gave a lecture about making: craft, commodity and intimacy !
some of the images from the lecture:
Shoes from Alexander McQueen’s Spring/Summer Collection 2010 
Art with Fuze Beads, artist unknown

George PeteranProsthetic, 2001
Robert Morris, Untitled, 1970
Peter VoulkosUntitled Plate, 1989

Piet Mondrian, Composition No. 8, 1939-42 
Jean-Charles de Castelbajac Jacket and Yves Saint Laurent day dress, 1961
Mike Kelley, Craft Morphology Flow Chart, 1991

Mike Kelley, More Love Hours Than Can Ever Be Repaid, 1987

Tracey Emin, Hate and Power Can Be A Terrible Thing, 2004

Janine Antoni, Slumber, 1993
me spinning wool

Brian JungenPrototypes for New Understanding, 1998-2005

Yinka ShonibareHow Does A Girl Like You Get To Be A Girl Like You, 1995

Yinka Shonibare, Leisure Lady (with ocelots), 2001

Comme des garcons,
Spring/Summer 1997 Collection 

Anne Wilson, Mendings, 1995

  “The body is always in-the-making; it is always a vital entanglement of heterogenous scales, times, and kinds of beings webbed into fleshly presence, always becoming, always constituted in relating.”  Donna Haraway, When Species Meet

  “To come to accept the body’s unmaking, I need to re-member its becoming. I need to recognize all the members, animate and inanimate, that make up the knot of a particular life.” Donna Haraway, When Species Meet

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