Sunday, June 23, 2013

Robert Wilson, Salomé, 1987, Photo by Silvia Lelli and Roberto Masotti
this summer, creating raw material for next year, how can i creatively reuse project documentation? video, photographs as raw material.
-try projecting videos in the space, photographs of works as well, photographs as raw material.
large objects can be different in detail and in far away-- creating a large installation, what if the details became video for projecting later?
-live performance element -- lily and elizabeth, a guided tour?, audience is active,  not passively watching. heightened awareness. emotionally moving.
-1960s american transcendentalism, spiritual clean-living communes
robert wilson (pictured)

-sadie plant 'zeros + ones', ada lovelace, networks, matrices:
'Those were the days, when we were all at sea. It seems like yesterday to me. Species, sex, race, class: in those days none of this meant anything at all. No parents, no children, just ourselves, strings of inseparable sisters, warm and wet, indistinguishable one from the other, gloriously indiscriminate, promiscuous and fused. No generations. No future, no past. An endless geographic plane of micromeshing pulsing quanta, limitless webs of interacting blendings, leakings, mergings, weaving through ourselves, running rings around each other, heedless, needless, aimless, careless, thoughtless, amok. Folds and foldings, plying and multiplying, plicating and replicating. We had no definition, no meaning, no way of telling each other apart. We were whatever we were up to at the time. Free exchanges, microprocesses finely tuned, polymorphous transfers without regard for borders and boundaries. There was nothing to hang on to, nothing to be grasped, nothing to protect or be protected from. Insides and outsides did not count. We gave no thought to any such things. We gave no thought to anything at all. Every thing was there for the taking then. We paid no attention: it was all for free. It had been this way for tens, thousands, millions, billions of what were later defined as years. If we had thought about it, we would have said it would go on forever, this fluent, fluid world."

-plug in cables, network of a space.
inspiration: laurie anderson performance
builders association, wooster group
augusto boal
we are all dying

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