Monday, October 21, 2013

Work Ethic 
(working title)
new installation

eleanor antin, 70s, body, diet
walter de maria - LACMA
conceptual art but material / process -- utilitarian, doesn't look like art, not precious.
incidental. not just aesthetic objects, they are used for something.
task oriented

more meaning?
mummies, bodies

eva hesse -- string onto the floor
in between Antin and Hesse
feminist, 70s, minimalist
wood variation, flickering, dappling

what is it about? is it enough? is it striking? will it remain in memory?

personal / mechanical, anonymous, but sense of the body
modules of time, modules of distance, animate
individual but same 
care becomes erased by magnitude 
intensity of investment for both viewer and for me

Ellen Gallagher -- you can't forget the work

utilitarian, bodies, mummified, graveyard, army, soldiers

laid out like a textile
broken apart a whole tapestry 

residue of something else, of other purpose

movement: meant to be walked through, game where you don't step on the cracks, can I traverse?

approachable, not precious

back to the basics
giant bobbins
a beginning place (to begin work)
about to begin something
fixed in a static position
at the ready to begin

instinctive, primitive, ordinary things
systematic, ordered, random
mechanical but material

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