Sunday, February 9, 2014

The invention of invention
a making machine; a process engine; an instrument; microprossessings made concrete
You can use it but its useless
a kite that cant fly
A string that draws a line to make a thing 

It was Clunky and made by hands, made by the hands of people
It holds the residues of all of it, having lived. It isn’t a virgin.
I am making something that keeps continuing
I am making a continuum
I am making sounds
 “everything that rises must converge” but do you notice when it does?
do my chores, complete my tasks
keep busy so days will pass
walk the warp
back and forth
teach myself  failing lessons:
how to braid or how to be affectionate
how to be patient
how to prevent a tangle from becoming a knot
notice  the differences in the ways we wind
different hands, wrists, moments of awareness, moments of mindlessness
the awareness of being mindless is a curious experience.
this work ethic
this woman’s work
this woman’s world is not a haunted house

and its not too fancy.

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