Wednesday, February 9, 2011

new ideas

my work needs to move away from the figurative nad towards the abstract—clothing as a subject already references the body effectively, and the abstraction will move my work in a more conceptual direction. Still very concerned with mapping/systems/rules also. What systems should I employ here and where do I set myself free? In my head the definition of installation is synonymous with a stage set. I can create a world that speaks. I was thinking today—one of my first inclinations on how to make formal work have more meaning is to juxtapose very different bodies of work that center on a few common themes to create a dialogue between the two. Like in my thesis, I employed two opposite abstracted conversations about clothing (knit projected videos and sewn material sculpture) that hung together in the same space and by nature of their nearness, spoke to each other about what they had in common. Zach today called it “unmaking and wrongmaking,” which is really what was going on in both. I was thinking about while I want to move past my thesis and leave those restrictions behind, I want this installation to have a similar power and simultaneous formal and meaningful poetry. I was thinking about making the opposite of my thesis—a sewn video – maybe of a seam drawing, moving, (and then projected onto an actual still version) or a video of backwards sewing? juxtaposed with a material knit installation that wrongmakes? Then I was asking myself, why does this show have to be 2 things at once? Can’t it be just one thing? It could be just a show about knitting. Knitting, purling, knotting, intertwining, tying, tying the knot, knotical, bending, fastening...

{photos: my own work in progress.}

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