Friday, February 11, 2011

zack!!!! Today zack and I talked about projecting my video onto the ceiling rafters, and creating a reclining space on the floor for people to lie down on, like I saw at a show in Richmond, a woman named Pipilotti Rist. i have so much to say and think about and make that I don’t really know where to begin. zack had me do a bunch of little diorama drawings of different ways the space could look (he showed me pictures of this show as an example of an effective use of space); I came up with a bunch of iterations—all of these sort of included the tent and a projection, the most interesting ones were having the projection in unexpected places like the ceiling or the floor. I hope my dad will send the projector so I can start testing this stuff asap. Its hard for me to feel like im being productive when I have been working on all these objects all day-- playing, experimenting, constantly re-focusing and moving onto something else to break up the rhythm of my energy —I feel like I need to think of the bigger picture. I am so hard on myself, today felt like it failed me but then the conversation with zack made me feel better—its just hard to understand how I can spend each day in the most efficient way possible without a clear idea of what giant task needs attention. For now I am going to be quick and industrious and make a body of videos to show the appen dicks for Sunday night. And when I get the projector I will experiment projecting on everything I can think of.

Last night I watched planet earth and knit this little baby blue texture; I kept switching between big, small and medium needles at random times. I think I’m going to start by making a video using this in the same way I made my thesis videos, dropping stitches, and this time, I want to try using random number generator to dictate which stitches I drop. And then at this creative reuse center in portland called scrap if found all these little abandoned crocheted doilies and im going to make more object/creature videos playing around with those. They have a bunch of clip on lights here to light the pieces.
i feel like my video work embodies most of the things I am really trying to say conceptually.
religious, rite,
meditation speculation, contemplation, reflection, rumination, study, contemplate, religion, faith, belief
generate productive, produce, make, create, establish, give, yield, generate, bring forth, beget, get, engender, father
mapping function, mathematical, value, represent, transformation, relation
System scheme, arrangement, organization, control, module

{photos: pipilotti rist- pour your body out (2008), and elixir: the video organism (2009)}

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