Thursday, February 17, 2011

last night I was remembering when janine Antoni came to wes, the piece she talked about that I still think about is her piece Slumber (1993) where she slept in a gallery with an EEG machine which read her rapid eye movements, and then she wove these ‘dream mappings’ into her blanket in the morning with a loom positioned at the foot of the bed. In the lecture she talked about the story of the three fates—to her the spinning of thread was like birth, the weaving, life; and the cutting, (ultimately finishing the piece) was death. I have been thinking about this a lot in relation to Antoni said that the only time she really felt ‘in her body, in relation to the world is when she is making,’ and I remember getting this sense from anne Wilson too when I worked with her, she talked about ‘life affirming practice,’ a lot and I think this has been a basis for me in engaging in repetitive actions and and feeling remorseful when I don’t. I always feel this profound sense of life affirmation when i go to the bargain barn, just seeing all the stuff that is forgotten and piled in the world, the possibilities of second lives for all this abandoned material... and then choosing what stuff will come home with me, processing it and then, imbuing it with new life.
I haven’t been updating the blog for a few days because I have been really trying to sort out what is going on in this show.

create these drawings with shadows and trying to imbue ‘life’ into these thngs. Here are some title ideas-- I have to come up with a title and press release tomorrow. Please contact me with feed back as to title ideas!
reanimate objects
{photos: 1 & 2, janine antoni's slumber (1993), 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7 my own work in progress}

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