Saturday, February 19, 2011

Here is a video i made last night as i worked (read destroyed) the knotted acrylic 'jesus' tapestry.
Still reading Invisible Cities, I found this passage that really resonated with this piece-- the burning, melting of the plastic fibers that were once precious to someone, something sad and reverent, a sweet mexican grandma. the work and unwork i've put into it, the 'charring of burned lives' sits like 'scabs over the city.'

'Or else the cloud hovered, having barely left the lips, dense and slow, and suggested another vision: the exhalations that hang over the roofs of the metropolises, the opaque smoke that is not scattered, the hood of miasmata that weighs over the bituminous streets. Not the labile mists of memory nor the dry transparence, but the charring of burned lives that forms a scab on the city, the sponge swollen with vital matter that no longer flows, the jam of past, present, future that blocks existences calcified in the illusion of movement; this is what you would find at the end of your journey.'

Also still listening to joanna newsom and i've started really listening to the lyrics and am finding that a lot of them (especially on Ys) overlap with the sculptural imagery in my head:

'The cities we passed were a flickering wasteland
But his hand in my hand made them hale and harmless
While down in the lowlands the crops are all coming;
We have everything
Life is thundering blissful towards death
In a stampede of his fumbling green gentleness'

HOUSEKEEPING: I've updated these sections of my website with new work from this summer, fall and winter: seam drawings, pattern combines, and cocoons and vacancies.

Today travis and zack are repainting the walls of the gallery white... so I had to heavily document the pieces as they were so i can put them up again later. but in the interim while the paint dries, tonight and tomorrow i am performing a little experiment: the boys bought me (without my choosing) some random objects that ARENT textile related and i am going to try to extend my unmaking process to my material environment beyond the cloth realm... we'll see what happens...

{photos/video: 1 my own scabby metropolis, 2 my own pattern combine, 3 my own hanging seam, and 4 is my own vacant cocoon}

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