Tuesday, March 8, 2011

This blog post is me ellaborating on the previous post-- my current inspirations. I am trying to understand WHY i am into the things i'm into, and i have a feeling it goes beyond prettiness.

the polka dots-- compulsive, obsessive, just like my interest in obsessive hoarding and also obsessive organizing.

I was talking to eyla last night about why making a drawing of a material seam drawing would be useful, because i keep thinking about it. She said that the act of drawing something better informs the drawer of the object being drawn, especially if the drawer made the object to begin with. Also there is the possibility of inventing things that arent there, both materially and also in terms of the drawers' personal attachment to the thing. it reminded me of my desire to invent stories that didn't actually happen to an object, like in the case of the bargain barn. all the imagined histories, and possibilities of unknown experience. Today i was thinking about how the seam drawings can take so many iterations, depending on how i decide to hang them-- it sort of reminds me of james welling and his photos of aluminum foil. he sees the foil as a 'machine to manufacture randomness' -- an analogy for language in the way that it uses the same words over and over but is constantly reconfigured. I feel like my interest in the hoarders and simultaneous obsession with organized closets mirrors my ideas about my own artistic practice-- when am i artistically free and when am i following a system of rules? my thesis was the collision of followed and missfollowed, making and unmaking. my actual practice of making art is similar-- whim and system.

{photo: james welling, photo of aluminum foil}

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