Wednesday, November 9, 2011

-inside snow globe: i dream of genie or a cricket in their pagoda cage.
-not look like black box theater

{i dream of genie}

{vincent mauger}

rnative floor:
-pile of what?
-ground = opposite of what you would think. packing peanuts, real peanuts?! fur? i also had the idea for coal, like the kind used in barbeques. mentioned in the script...
-gauze. gauze on the floor? sheerness, can it be flesh color or the gauze for wrapping wounds? crumpled like karla black's work but all over the floor? its cozy, like a cloud.
-hills made on places on the floor? big question. places where a mass of something is built up into mounds
faux hill with crumpled thing -- something covering the floor like crumpled paper in picture. crumpled paper - in size, appearance but makes sense to the play, what comes up in the script but not too literal?

{karla black}

-cozy capturing but still a capturing -- captured, but snuggly
-this place exists untouched by history, culture, society. a hazy bubble.
-woven/ netting structures on tracks that move. warp and weft, places where it is disintegrating, where actors can stick their hands/bodies through. barriers and non barriers.
-cozy capturing, nets on tracks
-what is spooky but cozy?

{netting at a pool; eva hesse}

{meghan voss}

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