Monday, November 7, 2011

set design: a coffee shop brainstorm

materials: burlap. sandbags = floor. mountains of them. making little hills in places, whole floor is covered in burlap.
the walls are stretched netting, like gossamer, very light . sort of like the netting that you can buy garlic or onions in. or hairnets. fishing nets. running on tracks. metal posts rising up where everything is stretched from. there is a system at play. like the warp and weft of a weaving. the tension of the stretching of the netting, pulling apart the weaving. the sandbags on the floor are heavy, weighing down the lightness of the stretched gossamer. So the whole space is a dynamic space of lightness and heaviness, its all natural in color. overwhelming sense of stretching and tension. light can hit the webbings at different angles, especially as they move around on the tracks.

more inspirational imagery:

{ernesto neto -- i like his sense of tension / stretching / weight}

{susie macmurray : installation using feathers and then another using hairnets -- sense of lightness , poetry , using materials that could be affected by movement or blowing of fans?}

{philip beesley @ venice biennale, these are actually light conducting fibers, i like the weight and how it actually looks like a fragile forest. maybe i should think about alternative ideas of a forest, how could this forest oppose more typical ideas of a forest}

{Sketch III (Neil Hamon photograph, Morrinho Project installation & Marine Hugonnier's Art of Modern Architecture.) -- sandbags could be a great repetitive material that also provides weight and obstacle and also conceptual. plus i like the burlap / woven quality of them; sandbag trenches in wars}

{my own installation at adobe books-- the tension of the pantihose being weighed down by the books, the system with which i attached them; tomas saraceno at venice biennale 2009}

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